From the inception of Chardon Taiwan Corporation in1994, Quality has been an integral part of everything we do. We obtained our first ISO (9001) certification (for the Taiwan facility) in 1996. Since then we have upgraded our ISO certifications so that all manufacturing locations are ISO 9001 certified today.

Art Chardon, Quality starts with the product design. Our Quality personnel are involved from the beginning. Discussions are held with customers to develop a product qualification test plan. State of the art computer aided design (CAD) software is used to check design parameters, and interfaces with mating parts. Mold flow analysis is conducted to make certain that polymer molds are designed and built to optimum quality and productivity requirements. Process capability studies are conducted to insure the manufacturing/assembly process can support our quality requirements.

Qua_ELECTRICAL-TESTING_quality             Pull-off-test_design

Once rubber and epoxy parts are molded, they are subject to rigorous quality inspections utilizing equipment such as x-ray, optical comparator, coordinate measuring machine, thermo cycling chamber, mechanical strength (tensile) tester, etc. Every batch of polymer compound is tested to insure quality consistency from batch to batch.

Electrical testing is done for product qualification, random testing, and – where required – 100% production testing. Tests include, but are not limited to :

– AC Withstand Voltage (IEEE Std. 386-2016 7.5.1)
– Partial Discharge (IEEE Std. 386-2016 7.4)
– Impulse Withstand Voltage (IEEE std. 386-2016 7.5.3)
– DC Withstand Voltage (IEEE 386-2016 7.5.2)
– Test Point Capacitance (IEEE Std. 386-2016 7.17.1)
– Power Frequency Sparkover (IEEE Std. C62.11-2005 8.2)
– Discharge Voltage – Current Characteristic (IEEE Std. C62.11-2005
– Radio Influenced Voltage (IEEE Std. C62.11-2005 8.10)

Electrical tests that require a higher voltage/current than is available at the Chardon facilities are conducted at high power labs in Europe and North America.

We invite our customers to conduct quality audits of any aspect of our process at any time.

When you think of Chardon, think of Quality!!!